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Over the last few years, smart technology has become a crucial element in educational programs and a huge benefit to students as a learning tool, and the same holds true at Bishop Guilfoyle. As an institution, we've brought iPads to our classrooms, enabling students to learn more efficiently both during school hours and at home.

We asked the students if they feel having iPads available to them in class has benefited them or heightened their academic performance.

Former student Bailey DeLeo, now a junior at Penn State University, shares that the use of iPads “opened up a lot of different windows that she didn’t know existed.” It made tasks like citing papers and word translation a breeze, allowing her to get more work done in half the time.

Time can sometimes be on short supply, especially during the winter season when snow days set students behind in curriculum requirements. IPads have proven very useful in organizing student assignments, allowing them to work from home and avoid additional days in the summer. Using the iPads to distribute assignments has positively impacted students’ in-class experiences as well. Bailey recalls her biology class using iPads to complete assignments at home, “freeing up class time to do more hands-on activities and labs.”

The benefit of becoming acquainted with and utilizing advanced platforms to complete assignments doesn’t stop at high school. For Bailey, becoming familiar with the technology and online programs followed her to college, where she explains the majority of homework and communication is done online. In addition, the majority of textbooks have been replaced with efficient downloadable copies, helpful for her commutes around campus.

Years later, iPads have continued to benefit students attending BG. Sophomore, Luke Yanoshak, says that the transition to iPads has definitely elevated his school experience. “I can take notes quickly and easily communicate with professors, now that I have access to their emails.”

He also notes iPads have enabled communication to transcend classroom walls in more ways than one. Students can now talk with their peers around the globe, giving them a broader learning experience and a better sense of the world around them.

When asked where he thinks the future of education is going Luke admits, “School is evolving. Everything is becoming tech centered and dependent on apps. I think devices like this are going to be used a lot, and become a necessary tool for educational programs.”