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Bishop Guilfoyle offers education and enrollment to international students, so that students from all around the world can have the opportunity to experience everything BG has to offer, all while getting a real taste of American culture.

Since starting the program, BG has received about 100 international students from China, South Korea, Vietnam and Japan. The program allows students to become integrated in the BG curriculum, interact with domestic students and experience the culture of our country.

Students in grades 9 through 12 from all over the globe are encouraged to apply for enrollment and have a chance to experience everything that is available to the domestic students. International students can join clubs, participate in extracurricular activities, become a part of athletic programs and attend field trips.

“The main goals of the international program are to have these students experience the American culture through school and community, while fulfilling their individual needs to prepare them for college and career,” says assistant principal Michael Cacciotti.

This new program enhances the already remarkable BG academic experience by providing both the domestic and international students with enriched culture and an abundance of diversity.

“For both international and domestic students, being able to meet, work closely with and build relationships with each other is extremely beneficial,” says Cacciotti. “Having these experiences are valuable in a global society."

Allowing students from other countries to participate in such a rigorous college preparatory program gives them opportunities to advance their career and get ready for a higher-level college education. Living in a foreign country at a young age also teaches them life skills they wouldn’t have developed elsewhere, which will benefit them throughout the course of their lives.

Cacciotti points out these benefits: “understanding how to live in a new culture, developing their independence and knowing how to use their resources to help them become successful young men and women.”

The international program has grown tremendously since it was first started and continues to expand in order to better accommodate students' needs.