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In recent years, Bishop Guilfoyle has not only adapted to the ever-evolving world of technology, but has also incorporated technological advances into the classroom, to modernize the student experience and enhance educational opportunities. 

The school has taken technology in the classroom to an individualized level, by supplying every student with their own iPad. This provides students with 24/7 connectivity, independence, a newfound sense of ownership and a personal productivity tool. As for teachers and the classroom as a whole, the use of iPads has increased collaborative projects, the ability to go global (with exercises such as Facetiming with students in Europe), the depth of student understanding and the ability for individual pacing.

Now, during lessons, teachers no longer have to worry about the time-consuming roadblocks that might arise, as direct access to the internet allows students to easily look up whatever demonstration, map, website or article that a teacher is referencing or using to aid a lesson.These resources are available outside the classroom as well, so students who may need a little extra study time have that option.

As online access increases classroom fluidity and decreases obstacles, teachers and students alike are experiencing less stress, as they no longer necessarily have to worry about fitting in an engaging classroom experience before the class period ends. Of course, with this advancement in technology, teaching styles at BG have changed and developed. With class content always available, teachers' roles become more that of a coach and guide, rather than a conduit for information. More class time is spent on collaboration and discussion, rather than on tedious, time-consuming tasks such as chapter readings and taking notes, which can now be done from anywhere.

As could be expected, the tech options give students more responsibility as far as their high school experience is concerned, as well as the opportunity to truly take charge of their education. Now, students can self-monitor their progress, and aren't necessarily limited to growing their topical knowledge while in the classroom. Additionally, they can better manage their time, so they can take on new and exciting challenges.

Currently, students are able to simultaneously get a college degree while in high school, a program impossible without BG's tech capabilities. "We were surprised...at how easy that alignment was because of the advancements and technology in the classroom, and how manageable it was for the students," noted BG president, Joseph Adams. "It's quite challenging for a student to take on this program, but the management of time due to the use of technology makes it doable and provides them with online resources."

"We could also say that because of the technology, there is a higher level of learning happening in every grade level," Adams continued. "Beyond getting ready for higher-level learning in college, students are learning the ability of higher-level learning for the rest of their lives...It’s really great for our students to leave a high school where accountability and independence is nurtured, developed and expected within the students."