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The Bishop Guilfoyle marching band program is back with a vengeance, and that means great things for students and the BG community as a whole. But with the rapid growth comes an urgent need for community support, both financial and moral.

Currently, the band is in the midst of budgeting for new uniforms as well as new and refurbished instruments—two things that are vital to rebuilding a successful program and making it last.

“Many needs are arising quickly,” says Music Director Brett Keith. “It is difficult for a student to play an instrument that is either nonexistent or badly damaged. It is difficult to supply all students with a school-provided instrument without enough for all.”

Keith says that with the growth of the program, they are already encountering these problems.

“In addition, as it is a group effort, all things should be uniform,” he says. “Imagine any sports team without uniforms. It is our best representation of ourselves and our school.”

Is it worth it to support the band program financially? The answer lies in the numbers: between the band and choral programs, an entire one-third of BG’s student body is currently involved in musical activities, and the number continues to climb as the band program gains momentum. It’s evident that an interest in music runs deep for BG students, and the benefits they gain from the experience are lifelong.

“Music is powerful and lasts a lifetime,” says Keith. “It is more powerful than we know.”

The community gets to share in these benefits, too, simply by coming out to sports games, concerts, and the many other musical events throughout the year. This kind of moral support is crucial.

“The community is always involved, as we share our process and performances with them as an audience,” says Keith.

Going forward, the band program needs as much exposure and community support as possible to continue providing an invaluable experience for students for many more years to come.

You can help right now by making a gift to support the Marching Marauders here. Your support will help countless BG students and make our community as a whole stronger. The future of band at BG is bright, but we can’t do it without you.