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BG alumna, Brittany Boslet, has made a name for herself in the collegiate basketball world. As a player for Penn State Altoona, Brittany has secured top honors in the women’s basketball program. This season, Brittany became the all-time record holder for most 3-pointers in a single season (89). She is also seventh in career points (874), fourth in assists (196), third in games played (98) and started (88), and second in minutes played (3,265). While Brittany may be high up in the record books, she will always remain grounded due to her time spent at Bishop Guilfoyle.

Graduating from BG in 2013, Brittany was a good student and athlete. She specifically recalls her love of Biology. “It was my favorite subject because I enjoyed learning about nature and how things work,” she explains. This passion has guided her to graduate in May with a degree in Criminal Justice and minors in Sociology and Psychology.

As an athlete, Brittany felt her experience at BG was extremely valuable. “I had a lot of ups and downs during my basketball career in high school. We had talented players and there was always a fight for the starting spot. The athletic department was supportive with pep rallies and encouraged the success of our team. They stressed the importance of team spirit and unity.”

Brittany knows that BG was essential to preparing her for collegiate and post-collegiate life. Whether it was academic, social, or athletic, she remembers facing challenges head-on with the support of the staff and faculty. “My favorite teacher was Mr. Sutton, because he is real with his students and tells them the truth on whatever he is teaching. He is also passionate about every student and his door was always open. He is a great teacher, mentor, and friend: something essential to have throughout high school.”

Basketball was a major part of Brittany’s high school life, but not only for the game itself. “I made so many friends over the years being in a gym every day, playing the sport that I love and that is the best thing basketball has given me.” Brittany also made sure to take time to enjoy other things. “I enjoyed all of the school dances because it allowed me to put the basketball shoes aside and get dressed up. Winning Homecoming Queen my senior year means the most to me, to have the student body and my friends support me was such an honor.”

Today, Brittany is set to graduate, enter the workforce, pursue a master’s degree, and begin her next step in her athletic career as a basketball coach. As she prepares for her next phase, Brittany takes with her critical lessons. “BG taught me the importance of a close-knit community and how important that it is to remember where you came from. They hold their students accountable for everything they do, and that really prepared me for life in college. I will always remember how they helped me become my own person and implemented a work ethic in me that carried over into my schoolwork and basketball career.”