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Students get their college degrees faster and more affordable than ever.

Bishop Guilfoyle recently announced a new program built on the current curriculum, which helps students accelerate their college careers and success. The program addresses the cost and complications of entering college, with a goal of making the entire process simple and easy for BG students.

Parntering with Mount Aloysius College, BG created the College Degree in High School program. With the right courses, this program allows students to graduate from Mount Aloysius just weeks after graduating from BG.

Accepted students will technically be enrolled at both Bishop Guilfoyle and Mount Aloysius College, but will take all of their classes on the BG campus. A prescribed, but unique, path to college will be given to each student, which will result in an Associates of Arts degree, with 60 college credits. When obtaining a bachelor’s degree, this amount of credits can cover as much as two years of progress.

The credits would be specifically targeted toward Mount Aloysius four-year programs, but the credits are entirely transferrable to other universities.

Additional cost of the program would be approximately $9,600, which is much more affordable compared to two years at a traditional college, which can start at $27,000.

“This can free up so many options. Maybe the student wants to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree and go to work as soon as possible. Or maybe she wants to take time with internships to explore career options. He might want to do research to improve his chances of admission to a prestigious graduate school. Or maybe she wants to double major. Or play collegiate sports and take fewer courses during the season. The possibilities are endless if a student gets a good head start on their college career,” says BG President Joseph Adams.

The program will begin in full in the 2017/2018 school year, and students can begin applying now, before they enter their freshman year. Students currently in 8th grade are the primary target for the new program. Limited placements are available.