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Mickie Smith is just one of many BG student athletes to be involved in the BG community in a myriad of ways.

Many of the student athletes at Bishop Guilfoyle are involved in the BG community above and beyond their lives in sports. Mickie Smith is one of these students, who can certainly be seen as an over-achiever. In addition to her role on the BG volleyball team, she also is a member of the Student Council and several committees therein, Academic Adventures Club, Ski Club, Peer Ministry, Drama Club, and SADD. 

Her charitable interests shine as well. As part of the Student Council, she’s on the committee for Sideline Cancer; she volunteers for Special Olympics events at both Saint Francis University and Penn State; and she’s involved in multiple church and fundraising opportunities, including the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. 

On top of all this, though, Mickie doesn’t forget to have a little fun, though some of her hobbies and extracurriculars overlap. “My hobbies are dancing, singing, drawing, coloring, playing volleyball, and taking pictures,” she says.

As for the future, she states her goals as “finishing high school with good grades and a great experience throughout, getting into a good college to continue my dancing and get into interior design, traveling the world and learning new things about it and the people in different countries. I want to be an interior designer and also a dancer; I see myself working for Disney for entertainment because I love to entertain people and make little children happy.”

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