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Preston Jameson, track and field coach at Bishop Guilfoyle, was first drawn to coaching at BG after meeting a few BG families. He was so impressed by their love for their school and its athletic programs that he knew he had to join the BG family.

Although originally from Altoona, Jameson spent most of his life in Texas, where he got his start in track and field while competing as a high school athlete.

Before moving to Pennsylvania in 2018, Jameson served as a children’s pastor for a church in Houston, TX. While there, he saw firsthand how sports can have an impact in the lives of young people. “I have a huge passion for sports and love how sports can be a way to connect with kids,” he notes, “because that was the best way my leaders connected with me when I was in high school.” Although Jameson hadn’t coached track and field before coming to BG, he’s helped high school students develop in other sports over the years, including basketball, golf, and even ultimate frisbee.

Jameson plans to use these experiences to achieve his goals for the BG track and field teams. He has big plans for the program, hoping to help BG athletes achieve success both on and off the field. “Working with youth over the years and learning what I have learned about track has taught me that it is one of the most inward battling sports there is,” he explains, “It’s not like basketball where it’s a team sport and a loss falls on the whole team. The race you run is up to you to bring your best each meet. My goal is to help these kids learn to trust their own athleticism and challenge them to be better each and every day. In this sport and in life.”

Although Jameson focuses on developing his athletes as individuals, he also wants to see them earn recognition, and he hopes to put BG’s track and field program on the map in Pennsylvania.

Jameson notes that the best thing about coaching at Bishop Guilfoyle is being part of a caring and supportive community. “Ever since I’ve taken the job,” he says, “I’ve had so many parents and people offering to help because they believe in the same things I do.”

Jameson and his wife, Jenah Elizabeth, live in Tyrone.